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​A business owner from Palm Beach asks: Does your firm represent companies as well as employees?

Labor & Employment law - Employers only

No, Mr. Miklas only represents Florida employers such as Florida businesses, Florida cities, Florida counties, Florida Water or Utility Districts, and Florida School Districts. Mr. Miklas’s labor & employment law firm does not represent or offer legal advice to employees nor does he sue employers in lawsuits. If you are a business owner or a public employer and you are looking for an employment lawyer, you can contact our office and we will be happy discuss your issue.

Our firm chooses to only represent employers because of a few reasons: 1) lawyers get better at representing one side or the other the longer they practice in that area; 2) it avoids potential conflicts of interest, 3) we just like helping employers avoid costly litigation!

​Some law firms list multiple areas of practice.  Some only list "employment" and do not even list "labor" law. This is an indicator that the firm may not have the experience to represent employers in all types of labor & employment matters.  Typically "labor" refers to unions and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) but the NLRB decisions and rulings still impact Florida employers that do not have unions.  It is important that your discrimination law firm fully understand both labor and employment law.  For example, many Florida lawyers who only list "employment" law and not "labor" law, may not be trained and experienced to recognize complex issues in an employer's handbook, policies and practices to identify when the employer maybe violating the National Labor Relations Act, especially when it comes to protected concerted activity.  Many Florida businesses have employee handbooks that contain illegal language which chills employees from engaging in their Section 7 rights. 

​Also, some smaller law firms will list multiple areas such as divorce, criminal defense, real estate, and employment law.  Unless the law firm has multiple lawyers, it is highly likely that the lawyer does not have very much experience or depth of knowledge for the nuances of labor & employment law, which involves federal and Florida law. Like they say, a jack of all trades is a master of none.

​David Miklas has spent the past 19 years exclusively representing Florida employers in all types of labor & employment matters, including preventing lawsuits, as well as litigating these types of lawsuits.  David Miklas has nearly two decades of experience dealing with employee lawyers in Florida who sue Florida employers, as well as is knowledgeable about the other experienced labor and employment law firms that represent employers.  There certainly are very qualified labor and employment lawyers in Florida, but not all businesses can afford to pay the high legal fees charged by most of the large law firms that have massive overheads.  In the past year, Mr. Miklas has greatly reduced his law firm's overhead by streamlining staff and using technology to make his firm more efficient.  This lower cost of operation and embracing technology allows our firm to pass these savings onto our clients.