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EEOC Chair discloses its target areas for investigations

Just over a week ago, David Miklas was in New Orleans to speak with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Acting Chair, Victoria Lipnic, who shared the EEOC’s current focus. 

The EEOC recently created a Strategic Enforcement Plan (SEP) for the next five years.  This means that the EEOC's substantive area priorities for the next five years will be:

  • Eliminating Barriers in Recruitment and Hiring.
  • Protecting Vulnerable Workers, Including Immigrant and Migrant Workers, and Underserved Communities from Discrimination.
  • Addressing Selected Emerging and Developing Issues.
  • Ensuring Equal Pay Protections for All Workers.
  • Preserving Access to the Legal System.
  • Preventing Systemic Harassment.

Regarding the first area listed above, Ms. Lipnic stated that the EEOC will focus on

  • recruitment and hiring practices that exclude certain groups (including online systems that are inaccessible to individuals with disabilities);
  • the use of data-driven selection devices, and
  • barriers to diversity in the tech industry

Regarding the third area listed above, Ms. Lipnic stated that EEOC will focus on “protecting LGBT individuals.”

Because these are the national investigation targets for the EEOC, Florida employers should act now to ensure that these focal areas are in compliance.  In the event a Florida business receives an EEOC charge of discrimination in any of these areas, the employer should immediately seek competent employment counsel to assist in setting forth a strong response.

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