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Human Resource Audit

Audits are an important tool to help Florida employers evaluate legal compliance, create proactive protections and provide worker and HR development. Many Florida businesses are not in compliance with a variety of laws but most potential violations can be detected and remedied by having an experienced labor & employment lawyer review handbooks, policies and HR practices.  In Florida, HR Audits may allow a company to have a “good faith defense” against future litigation.  Importantly, the cost of an audit is well below that of protracted litigation.

The Law Office of David Miklas, P.A. is capable of conducting many different kinds of audits. Typically, the structure of an audit revolves around the following aspects:

  • technical compliance with the law (both Florida law and federal law);
  • applicability of best practices;
  • the effectiveness of HR’s current practices; and
  • proactive positioning for the future by long-term planning.

During an HR audit, when we assessing technical compliance and best practices, this usually involves reviewing a Florida company’s legal compliance with the following issues:

  • wage and hour (minimum wage and overtime)
  • human resources practices;
  • employment policies and forms review;
  • fair employment practices;
  • pay equity and discrimination;
  • disability analysis and accommodation;
  • leave administration;
  • union risk;
  • alternative dispute resolution;
  • affirmative action and diversity programs;
  • I-9 compliance;
  • safety and health practices;
  • performance, discipline and terminations;
  • fringe benefits;
  • employee privacy and HIPAA compliance;
  • office security and workplace searches;
  • drug testing in Florida;
  • pre-employment assessments;
  • technology and communications regarding electronics, internet, email and voicemail;
  • personnel and payroll records;
  • employment applications;
  • offer letters;
  • performance reviews;
  • Florida whistleblower protection (Florida law and federal law);
  • steps for addressing employee issues and concerns;
  • reporting policies regarding claims of harassment and discrimination; and
  • terminating the employment relationship;
  • effective recruiting.

Auditing the effectiveness of the human resources department often involves reviewing the Florida employer's records and technology systems, document retention, immigration and EEO tracking and technology, and salary and benefits tracking.

Preparing for the future and proactively avoiding potential problems is one of the biggest benefits of conducting an audit.  The audit will give a company the tools it needs to plan and effectively comply with employment and labor laws.  Companies can accomplish this through training, anticipating change and implementing developmental programs for its managers and employees.

The singular focus of our law practice, being based in Florida footprint, and our experience allow the Law Office of David Miklas, P.A. to assist Florida employers in achieving their audit goals.

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