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Labor & Employment law - Employers only

We want our relationship with our Florida clients to be a true partnership. To that end, we expect our clients to be responsive, and to communicate honestly and openly with us. Our clients should feel free to ask us questions and inform us of any concerns.

​We can keep our costs to you low if you cooperate by sending documents digitally by scanning them in. Our office strives to reduce costs by utilizing technology and reducing paper waste.  Many larger law firms still generate large amounts of unnecessary paper.  In today's age, even things that used to require a lot of paper, such as discover, is often performed by our firm using software, scanner, redundant backup, secure cloud storage and encrypted email.

​When documents are requested for responding to EEOC charges of discrimination, or responding to a discrimination or retaliation lawsuit, we request your assistance by promptly preserving relevant information, including digital, such as emails.  We also request that you prioritize and set aside adequate time for key management to speak with us to help investigate or defend the case.

​We believe that working as a team helps with efficiency and reducing the cost to you. 

​A business owner in Palm Beach Gardens asked, "What is expected of me as a client of your firm?"