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All seventeen of these Opinion Letters were authored at the end of the Bush Administration in January 2009. Each of these Opinion Letters was on the verge of being mailed out but President Obama withdrew all of these Opinion Letters. Now, for the first time, employers are able to receive the guidance on the following issues:

  • Construction supervisors employed by homebuilders and section 13(a)(1)
  • Volunteer fire company contracting for paid EMTs – joint employment and volunteer status
  • Product demonstration coordinators and section 13(a)(1)
  • Calculation of salary deductions and section 13(a)(1) salary basis
  • Fraud/theft analysts and agents under section 13(a)(1)
  • Consultants, clinical coordinators, coordinators, and business development managers under section 13(a)(1)
  • Job bonuses and section 7(e)
  • Residential construction project supervisor and section 13(a)(1)
  • Year-end non-discretionary bonus and section 7(e)
  • Client service managers and section 13(a)(1)
  • Salary deductions for full-day absences based on hours missed and section 13(a)(1) salary basis
  • Coaches and the teacher exemption under section 13(a)(1)
  • Regular rate calculation for fire fighters and alarm operators
  • Commercial construction project superintendents and section 13(a)(1)
  • Helicopter pilots and section 13(a)(1)
  • Plumbing sales/service technicians and Section 7(i)
  • Ambulance personnel on-call time and hours worked

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As we previously reported, this past summer the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced that it will reinstate the issuance of opinion letters. For more than 70 years the DOL provided employers with guidance through opinion letters.  However this practice was stopped under President Obama in 2010.  In January 2018, the DOL issued a whopping 17 opinion letters.  Before you get too excited about the DOL having a fast typist, these are not brand-new opinions. Rather, these are nine year-old opinions, but none of them have ever been seen by the public.

Labor Department issues 17 Opinion Letters on FLSA.