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A plant manager and other officials at the plant were replaced two years ago as the investigation proceeded.

A plant manager and other officials at the plant were replaced during the investigation.

One of the women described working at the plant as being “a total nightmare.”

Among their grievances, the women allege men at the plant touched and groped them, exposed their genitals to them and subjected them to unwanted comments, stares and pornographic images in the workplace.

In one instance, the lawsuit describes one supervisor requested sex from a female worker and showed her an area of the plant where other workers would have sex, making her fear that he would force her to do that as well.

In another instance, a manager requested sex with one of the female workers and described the size of his genitals.

When one female worker attempted to complain about harassment, the manager allegedly invited her to have a romantic lunch with him in his office and to “bring those pretty lips.”

The EEOC found reasonable cause to believe that personnel at two Ford facilities had subjected female and African-American employees to sexual and racial harassment. The EEOC also found that the company retaliated against employees who complained about the harassment or discrimination.

Ford Motor Company agrees to pay big bucks to settle EEOC harassment investigation

Four women claimed that men at Ford’s Chicago Assembly Plant touched and groped them, exposed themselves and subjected them to unwanted comments, stares and pornographic images. The woman claimed that male co-workers, managers and supervisors would target them if they complained about propositions and inappropriate conduct.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) conducted an investigation of Ford Motor Company facilities. 

The conciliation agreement provides monetary relief of up to $10.125 million to those who are found eligible through a claims process established by the agreement. The agreement also ensures that during the next five years, Ford will conduct regular training at two of its Chicago-area facilities; continue to disseminate its anti-harassment and anti-discrimination policies and procedures to employees and new hires; report to EEOC regarding complaints of harassment and/or related discrimination; and monitor its workforce regarding issues of alleged sexual or racial harassment and related discrimination.

Ford said in a statement it “chose to voluntarily resolve this issue without any admission of liability with the EEOC to avoid an extended dispute.”

The company added: “Ford does not tolerate harassment or discrimination of any kind; we are fully committed to a zero-tolerance, harassment-free work environment at all facilities and to ensuring that Ford’s work environment is consistent with our policies in that regard. Ford conducted a thorough investigation and took appropriate action, including disciplinary action up to and including dismissal for individuals who violated the company’s anti-harassment policy.”

Employers should consider training as part of a harassment prevention program.  In light of a recent report, containing recommendations issued by a Task Force created by the EEOC, it is a good time for employers to evaluate their harassment prevention efforts.

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Such alleged conduct violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Ford chose to voluntarily resolve this issue with the EEOC, without admission of liability, to avoid an extended dispute.

Ford Motor Company has agreed to pay up to $10.125 million to settle sex and race harassment for a group of individuals which was investigated by at two Ford plants, the EEOC announced this week.